Mezzanines & Modular Offices

Rather than costly facility expansion, mezzanines create additional space above an existing floor with minimal expense. Whether you require a storage platform, catwalk, guard tower, or elevated in-plant modular building, we can help you specify and design a customized solution to best meet your unique requirements. Shelving, rack, floor-to-floor lifts, prefabricated offices, and other equipment can be integrated into a single system to increase efficiency and save money.



Double up on floor area, while leaving ground floor clear for lift trucks and other traffic.  A cost effective way to add additional square footage for an increase in storage space, additional office space or for additional manufacturing area.



Rack can be used to support a floor level above with beam levels below for storage. The upright frames can extend thru the floor to provide more storage levels above the flooring.



With shelving above and below the floor system, you double your order picking area and increase stock room space.



Modular Offices 

Modular Offices can easily convert unused warehouse space into productive workspace.  A modular office maximizes space will keeping the cost and inconvenience of construction to a minimum. Modular Offices are very flexible:  they can easily be added on to, reconfigure or relocated.  Each system is engineered to fit almost any space, multi-level, multi-roomed or on a mezzanine. And they're versatile:  Modular Offices are widely used in many applications from In-Plant Offices to Clean Rooms to Guard Shacks and other Portable Buildings.



These systems are ideal for when you need to add new office space or privacy for employees.  Used in a wide variety of applications from a single office to two-story multiple office system. 



Allow you to maintain control over highly delicate processes by minimizing particle concentration. Clean Rooms assure an airtight seal with re-circulating and single pass ventilation.



Guard Shacks, Ticket Booths and other Portable Building available in a wide array of options and capabilities depending on your security needs.


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